You Manage. I Manage. We All Manage.


At some level we are all managers. Whether we manage people, products, procedures or time, it is part of our daily fabric. On the most basic level managing is comprised of thousands of micro decisions. Our decisions can be made based on desired outcomes, fulfilling the expectations of others or part of a larger well thought out strategy.

Our unique management style flows out of who we are – Skills, Priorities, Interests, Community and Experiences. The clearer we can be about each of those areas, our focus and results will improve. Tracking activity with details about the place, time and our mood can offer valuable insights.

I define “managing” as executing goals by maximizing whatever human, natural, physical and capital resources are at my disposal, in the most efficient and cost-effective means possible, with a focus on continuous improvement across the entire experience. This requires on going creativity, innovation and development. It also requires an understanding and appreciation of the ever evolving landscape around us.

Managing well requires quick thoughtful action when there’s a disruption. It is imperative to continuously improve skills, re evaluate priorities, build new relationships and learn from past experiences. Travel light. Pivot frequently. Invest yourself in shaping that which only you can influence and control.


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